Best 6 Apps To Save Money, Now!

Best 6 Apps To Save Money, Now!

Apps To Save Money:- Saving money can be difficult when unexpected expenses pop up unexpectedly, leaving you no funds for rent, groceries or car repairs. Why not plan ahead using these ten frugal apps designed to help save you money?

These mobile applications can help you monitor your spending habits, find deals on things you buy regularly or simply buy what is needed at a lower price.

Not only that, but some apps may even pay you to use them! Here are ten apps designed to help save money and reach financial independence.

Apps To Save Money

1) PocketChange

PocketChange is a mobile app you can use to earn cash back when shopping online and watching videos and completing surveys. You could also earn rewards just for doing these things!

PocketChange is a free app, enabling users to earn cash back on any online purchase they make through it and boasts a large community of cash back shoppers.

PocketChange offers numerous opportunities to earn cash back. Search cash back offers, click through special promotions or visit retailers featured within the app to earn your reward.

Cash back offers are tailored specifically to you based on previous purchases and surveys or watching videos can also provide cash rewards.

The mobile app also allows you to donate any earnings made using it to the charity of your choice.


2) Ebates

Ebates is a mobile app that offers cash back or promo codes at thousands of online retailers, as well as coupons and free shipping codes. You can earn coupons or free shipping codes with Ebates too – available across all major mobile platforms.

Ebates is a free app designed to help save you money when shopping online. Through cash back offers and rebates, Ebates helps users save money with every purchase made online.

Earn cash back by following special links within the app at thousands of online retailers – choose from electronics, clothing and more!

Ebates offers beauty products, apparel, home and garden supplies, travel services and much more at competitive prices. Furthermore, Ebates features mobile coupons offering exclusive discounts for many items as well as gift card section to maximize savings and maximize savings potential.

Track your purchases and earnings within the app and earn a $5 welcome bonus by signing up and making your first purchase.

3) Slickdeals

Slickdeals is a mobile app that makes it easy to find discounted coupons and promo codes, based on what category of item you want to purchase. Search for the perfect offer according to what you are shopping for!

No subscription or usage fee applies when using Slickdeals as it pays you for finding great offers that you share with your community.

Earn cash rewards and points by posting and upvoting deals in the app, commenting or sharing them with your friends, as well as posting/upvoting/commenting deals within social networks.

Your points can be redeemed for gift cards to the stores or restaurants of your choice.


4) Amazon Shopping And Alexa Skills

Amazon has an array of apps and Alexa skills designed to help you save money. From discounted items shopping, tracking your orders, viewing price histories of items or products and more – Amazon can be a source for significant savings!

Amazon provides a savings catcher feature on their app to help customers save money, including scanning receipts or inputting purchases manually. There are multiple other ways Amazon provides savings opportunities through different apps and skills.

Amazon Prime can save you up to 15% on purchases, with daily deals and Amazon Prime Day providing additional opportunities for savings. Plus there are various Amazon-specific apps to help you cut costs further!

With Amazon App you can track price history for items or view product pricing history. Furthermore, you can scan receipts or manually input purchases.

This article lists several Amazon apps and Alexa skills that can help you save money.

5) Dropbox And Google Drive

Dropbox is a cloud storage app where you can securely store all of your files and documents. For just $9.99 per month you get 1TB of storage where you can upload all your photos, documents and files.

Google Drive is an effective solution if you must manage an abundance of documents. As a cloud storage app offering 15GB free storage, this application makes life simpler.

Apps such as Dropbox can help save you money by providing secure cloud storage space for files, photos, and documents that may otherwise take up valuable physical space in your home or office.

By using these apps, you can reduce clutter in the office and avoid paying more space rent. Furthermore, these applications can help collaborate on documents or create “To-Do Lists” to keep yourself organized and on track financially.

6) MINT – Financial Tracker

MINT is a free app designed to help you keep track of your finances, from recording spending and setting budgets and goals, all the way through to goal tracking and performance analytics. Available both for iOS and Android.

MINT is a free app designed to help you track your finances. Use it to record spending, set budgets, and monitor investment accounts.

It provides helpful financial advice and insights that can assist in reaching your financial goals.

MINT – Financial Tracker
MINT – Financial Tracker

Final Thoughts

Saving money is vital for many reasons – planning ahead, paying off debt and having unexpected expenses covered are all top of mind when saving is essential. MINT Financial Tracker allows users to do just this.

Many people struggle to save money, but thanks to these ten frugal apps you can start saving immediately. If money saving proves challenging for you, perhaps tracking your spending may help.

By keeping tabs on your spending, you can see exactly where your money is going and find ways to save more. These 10 frugal apps will help you do just that and achieve financial independence!

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