Top 8 Harmful Chemicals To Avoid In Skin Care

Top 8 Harmful Chemicals To Avoid In Skin Care

Modern skincare and corrective products contain synthetic substances which have the potential to have devastating consequences on our health, such as negative side-effects on skin. Here is a list of 8 synthetics to avoid as much as possible – Organaid has taken steps to ensure its products do not contain harmful ingredients and compound additives while still effectively deliver valuable ingredients through skin.)

Chemical Burn is the gradual destruction of human tissues due to exposure to synthetic substances or their by-products, usually by direct contact. Substance consumption can occur anywhere – at home, work or school or as the result of mishap or attack – though few people in the US die as a direct result of contact with these compounds in their daily lives. Still, many common substances found both indoors and outdoors pose great threats that can cause irreparable damage.

Chemical Consumes abusing hair, skin and nail care products have increased greatly over the years. While accidents do happen at home, the risk of suffering a Chemical Burn is much higher when working environments utilize significant quantities of synthetics.

Substance burns are typically caused by either acidic compounds (hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide) or bases (hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide). Acids attack cells by coagulation while bases break them down; delayed exposure can severely harm human tissues and lead to scarring and handicap. Other chemical substances, including oxidants and certain metals may also produce Chemical Burns; restricting exposure times can drastically lower their harmful impacts.

Tragically, some synthetic consume specialists are designed to harm others (such as agents used in war and fear-monger attacks). Unfortunately, it’s beyond the scope of this article to address them all.