Preventing Dark Circles

Preventing Dark Circles

Protect Your Eyes From Sun

Eyelids can quickly get tanned, which makes dull morning eyes harder to conceal. Use an SPF 25 lotion or traditional sunscreen. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide-based sun protection agents tend not to bother the delicate skin around your eyes as much.

Make Small Lifestyle Changes

Ensuring adequate rest can help combat fair skin that makes dark circles stand out, as can drinking plenty of water and cutting back on salt consumption, both key elements to combating puffy morning eyes.

Treat Allergies

If your nose or sinuses are blocked, blood vessels in the eyes may dilate causing hazier looking eyes. Antihistamines or hypersensitivity medicines could help alleviate your symptoms; consult a physician.

  • These “sensitivity shiners” are more prevalent among children and adolescents.

Fix Puffy Eyes

While this will not make your eyes brighter, it may help make dark circles less obvious with several medications:

  • Chill several spoons in your cooler and place them over your eyes to reduce viral swelling and ease symptoms of eye strain.
  • Give yourself a facial massage to promote lymph seepage. If it diminishes over time, this could indicate helpless lymph seepage that needs to be addressed with lifestyle modifications.

Visit The Doctor If This Problem Appeared Suddenly

Eyelids do change as you age, though this change happens gradually. If your eyelids have become significantly darker or larger in recent months, ask your primary care provider to examine them as this could indicate any number of conditions that could cause changes to their appearance.