Best Practices For Taking Care Of Your Face

Best Practices For Taking Care Of Your Face

1 Start Each Morning By Cleansing Your Skin

Apply warm water to your face and apply a dime-sized dab of cleansing agent on each finger before applying it directly onto your skin in a circular movement for 30 seconds. Afterward, wash away with warm water using only your hands while using a permeable towel as a final step.

  • As hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, warm water should be preferred over hot.
  • As you dry your skin, try not to rub or scour it too roughly; this could potentially damage and irritate it further.

2 Apply Toner After Washing Your Face In The Beginning Of The Day

Once your skin is clean and dry, use a cotton ball or cushion soaked with toner to carefully rub over your neck and face. The toner will help eliminate chemicals, extra soil and pollutants while decreasing pores to help retain moisturizer in your skin.

3 Moisturize After Toning

Cream is essential to keeping your face hydrated throughout the day and protecting it from dryness or irritation. Apply a nickel-sized drop of lotion onto your fingers and gently rub into your face using circular strokes in an upward movement before giving the lotion time to soak into your pores before continuing on with daily practices.

  • Consider selecting a moisturizer with SPF 30 protection to provide additional defense from harmful UV rays.
  • Make sure that after cleansing your face, whether or not you opt for tonering it properly. Apply a cream to soothe and nourish skin afterwards.