High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet

Obesity is a global health crisis affecting millions around the globe, caused by an imbalance between calories taken in and their use up through regular physical activity.

Researchers have conducted several studies to find an ideal diet plan that can assist in preventing weight gain, decreasing excessive weight and maintaining healthy bodyweight. Unfortunately, no single eating plan offers a guarantee against obesity and overweight.

High protein and low carb diet is one of the latest trend abstains from food that have been touted to assist with weight loss and maintain it at healthy levels. Unfortunately, like its counterparts, this one did not live up to expectations.

Approach Of The Great Protein Diet And Its Adequacy

The high protein and low carb diet first gained widespread attention during the 1970’s. Prior to this time it had long been practiced by Greek models competing in Greek beauty pageants – in ancient Greece too! Atkins Diet became widely known in late 1960s to mid 1970s through Atkins Drinking Man Diet Stillman Diet Scarsdale Diet etc.

Studies from Duke University, Philadelphia Medical Center and University of Pennsylvania reveal that average weight loss during the initial six months following adoption of high-protein diets with restricted carb intake averaged 20 pounds. This wasn’t significantly different than with other eating plans and additional studies which focused on starch restricted diets showed no impact from carb consumption on weight loss levels.