How To Accomplishing Dewy Skin With Makeup

How To Accomplishing Dewy Skin With Makeup

1 Apply A Rich Lotion To Your Face.

Start with clean skin that has already been washed and scrubbed off, then spread a dime-sized amount of cream-based lotion across your cheeks, brow, nose, jaw and neck in an even manner. Use the tips of your fingers to rub deep into your skin – this will create fuller-looking dewy skin!

  • Add an extra boost of moisture by mixing in some cold-pressed avocado oil for extra shine in your lotion recipe. This will give it an added layer of hydration.
  • Use a list or pinky finger to apply cream around your forehead bone and eyes.

2 Rub A Vitamin-Rich Foundation Into Your Skin

Choose an SPF product containing both vitamin C and SPF to protect the delicate areas of your skin, then use fingertips or a light cosmetics wipe to apply a small amount evenly onto the entire area, massaging the product deep into pores with circular motions until everything blends seamlessly together. A light foundation won’t cover up details of skin such as spots.

  • This will serve as the cornerstone for improving and brightening up your skin tone.
  • Add extra shading with a gentle tinted establishment or lotion.