Staying Away From Problems With Coconut Water

Staying Away From Problems With Coconut Water

1 Get Coconut Water From Entire Coconuts

Instead of purchasing it from stores, consider purchasing whole coconuts and opening them up yourself – then using their liquid within for both drinking and skin applications. You could then enjoy drinking and applying this coconut-rich fluid directly.

2 Stop Use On The Off Chance That You Have An Unfavorably Susceptible Response

Some individuals can have sensitivities to coconut when consumed as food. Coconut oil has been shown to cause swelling, staining and reddening on skin surfaces – so drinking coconut water or using it topically might have similar adverse reactions on you too! [10-11] Stop taking coconut water immediately if any adverse effects arise -[11-12].

  • If signs of an allergic reaction remain after discontinuing consumption of coconut water, seek advice from a specialist immediately.
  • Before applying it all over your body, it may be beneficial to apply coconut water only on small patches of skin for targeted benefits.