Step By Step Instructions To Start Your Own Exercise Regimen And Stick To It

Step By Step Instructions To Start Your Own Exercise Regimen And Stick To It

Have you been trying to lose weight but never seem to reach your goal? Here are a few plans to give yourself that little push needed.

1) Make The Time. Though it may seem as though more time is needed for exercise, you likely do have it available; all it takes is making it a priority in your schedule. Here are a few methods of making exercise a priority in your daily life.

  • Make an appointment. Determine when and where you will exercise and schedule them accordingly. Make your appointments firm with yourself; don’t let other obligations interfere. If using an electronic calendar such as Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Calendar, set alerts that remind you when it is exercise time.
  • Substitute an addiction. Most of us have some pointless and non-invigorating habit, like watching television, that could be replaced with (or added on to) exercise. Ask yourself how long you spend engaging in this proclivity and whether exercising could happen simultaneously; if that’s the case for you, create another standard stating (for instance) that watching TV can still occur provided it’s being done at the same time as exercise.
  • Use it as social time. If you have a standing appointment with a new acquaintance or relative to get to know one another better, ask whether they would like to include exercise into that time together. Instead of doing strenuous aerobics exercises such as step aerobics or running together, consider doing more socially engaging activities, like tennis or dancing – they might make for better conversation!
  • Routine is key. Within 14 days of following it, you should find it much less daunting of a task.

2) Find An Activity You Enjoy. Exercise that brings pleasure is far more likely to stick than those done out of necessity at a rec center: cycling, inline skating, rowing, skateboarding, swimming hockey or rugby crew are just some of the activities available; even walking around your room while listening to an iPod could count! Enjoyment is key when it comes to staying with it long term!

  • If exercise becomes tiresome for you, try switching up your routine with something more fun like team sports or intramurals.

3) Stay Responsible. Track when and for how long you exercise; take notes in your schedule or maintain an exercise diary. Documenting everything will keep you on track while showing just how hard you’ve worked; also looking back can give a great sense of achievement!

4) Start With Sensible Objectives.Before diving headfirst into any rigorous exercise regime, start slow and gradually increase intensity as needed. Try 30 minutes three times each week until you feel more comfortable increasing intensity and see where that takes you.

  • Stay clear of burnout. Pushing yourself too hard initially may lead to muscle strain and weariness; associating exercise with pain could discourage further workouts down the line.