How To Cover Dark Circles Without Foundation

How To Cover Dark Circles Without Foundation

There can be various reasons for why dark circles form under your eyes, including lack of sleep or not drinking enough water. Luckily, there are various methods available to conceal them without resorting to surgery: concealer, lipstick or BB cream can all be applied under the eyes for quick results; add an elegance blender as an additional tool and your dark circles should vanish without trace.

Choosing A Concealer Product

  • Pick Out A Yellow Or Peach Color Corrector If You Have A Light Skin Tone

Visit a department store or beauty store and purchase an appropriate tint-correcting concealer, such as one with yellow or peach tones for those with lighter complexions to cover up any blue tones under their eyes.

Concealer is typically heavier and offers greater coverage, making it ideal for concealing dark circles.

  • Select An Orange Or Red Color Corrector For Darker Skin Tones

Utilize a concealer with more brilliant hues to counteract purple tones under your eyes if your skin tone is more opaque. Find orange or red tone correctors at local big box or excellence stores for quick relief.

Have a red lipstick handy and use it when necessary to correct color deficiencies.

  • Get A Concealer 1 Shade Lighter Than Your Skin Tone For A Brightening Effect.

Instead of selecting a concealer that would blend seamlessly into your skin tone, opt for one in a lighter tone that will help effectively conceal dark circles and make eyes more brilliant and alive.

Search for both general concealer as well as one specifically made for under your eyes.

  • Go With A Tinted Moisturizer For Sheer Coverage Over Minor Dark Circles

Lotions often provide lighter coverage than most products; they’re ideal for keeping skin hydrated under your eyes and looking more revived. Select one in a shade similar to your skin tone to add some depth over dark circles.

  • Look For A Bb Cream If You Need Light Coverage Under Your Eyes.

BB creams in hues that match or slightly lighter than your skin tone can be an effective way to cover dark circles without appearing cakey or cake-y. Their lightweight formula works seamlessly into skintone, creating natural-looking makeup applications.

A BB cream provides slightly thicker coverage than colored lotion, and typically offers more shades to choose from.

As well, layering other cosmetic items onto a BB cream is easy and hassle-free, whenever desired.

  • Spread A Nude Lipstick Over Your Dark Circles For A Quick Fix

As an added benefit of using lipstick to cover dark circles, most colors of it work: reds, oranges, pinks, and nudes alike will work. A sheer shade can be applied directly over dark circles like concealer; hued lips will help lower blue tones underneath your eyes by decreasing their intensity. When using orange- or red-toned lip shades on dark circles, add additional cosmetics so they won’t stick out as prominently.

When applying colored lipstick, it’s wise to do it gently and subtly.

If you’re concerned that colored lipstick will be too intense, try applying a neutral-toned one instead.