How To Cover Dark Circles Without Foundation

How To Cover Dark Circles Without Foundation

Applying Concealer Under Your Eyes

Spread A Moisturizer With Spf On Your Face Evenly To Keep It Hydrated

Apply a generous layer of sunscreen lotion across your entire face, paying special attention to areas beneath the eyes. Staying hydrated under these delicate areas will help with dark circles while making you appear more awake.

Select a SPF 30 lotion to protect your face from sun exposure.

Smooth A Thin Layer Of Primer On Your Face To Keep Your Makeup In Place.

Visit your nearest large box store or excellence store to acquire some face foundation. Crush out some powder from the container, using your fingertips, to apply it over your entire face, focusing on specific areas with care.[9]

If your foundation is more liquid than cream-like, use a beauty blender to apply it across your entire face for even distribution.

Most foundations can either be water- or silicone-based; water-based foundations act similarly to cream while silicone-based preliminaries provide even more of a matte look.

Dab A Color Corrector Under Your Eyes Before Using Regular Concealer.

If you are using a shading corrector in a peach, yellow, or red shade, apply it first to your dark circles using an eyelash blender or brush and spread evenly. Dot some spots of shading corrector over each circle then blend gently so it blends with your skin seamlessly for seamless coverage.

Applying shading corrector first is essential so you can cover it up later with concealer without making it stand out.

Pat On Your Concealer Starting At The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes

Some individuals prefer using an eye cream in the shape of a triangle to cover dark circles, while others can apply just a few dots over their dark circles all at once. Whatever strategy you decide upon, be sure to start applying near where your nose extends outward; as this is usually where the darkest circles will form.

If you’re using a BB cream or colored lotion, feel free to apply the product evenly across your entire face to create an even look.

Be mindful not to get any product on your lower lashes.

Blend The Concealer Over Your Circles Using A Brush Or Beauty Blender.

Once your product is applied to your dark circles, it’s important to begin blending it in for a more natural appearance. Use a fiber cosmetics brush or wonder blender to gently touch it in circular movements until it begins fanning out more uniformly – when fully covering your dark circles all at once it should have blended seamlessly together!

Make sure the item fits securely under both eyes so as to achieve a lasting look.

Use a brush or magnificence blender to remove any lines or spots of cosmetics using it as a brush.

Dust A Light Layer Of Setting Powder Over The Concealer, If You’d Like.

Setting powder may not be necessary, but it’s an effective way of making sure your makeup stays put under your eyes. Dot the setting powder all over your face for a matte look.

  • If you use setting powder, always apply all other cosmetics first so you can set everything later.
  • Search for setting powder at your nearby pharmacy, huge box store, or excellence store.
  • Setting shower can also assist your cosmetics from becoming disorganized throughout the day.