How To Get Fair Skin In 14 Days Using Natural Methods

How To Get Fair Skin In 14 Days Using Natural Methods

No matter your skin-tone, you can achieve an attractive and youthful glow through clinical science or nature-inspired medicines.

1 Blend Squeezed Orange In With Turmeric Powder.

Oranges contain ample vitamin C for healthy skin and have also proven effective against premature aging, thanks to citrus extract. Combine two tablespoons of fresh orange juice with half of a teaspoon of turmeric powder into an ointment and apply to areas in need or all over your face as desired; leave overnight, then wash off in the morning with water.

  • Make use of this technique regularly in order to achieve optimal results, covering all areas that require support.
  • Note that turmeric has a staining effect, so your skin may turn orange or tan after using this mixture – something which might go against what you had intended! Rest easy; as soon as the effect wears off, your complexion will become even more appealing due to natural product acids present in both turmeric and natural product acids.

2 Take A Stab At Blending Dried Orange Strip In With Yogurt

This mask can help soothe the skin on your face overall. First, dry out an orange strip; then, crush it to make fine powder and combine it with plain yogurt before applying over your face and leaving on for 20 to 30 minutes before washing it off with water later on in the week. Do this process several times each week until desired results have been reached.

  • Yogurt contains lactic corrosive, while citrus extract is found in orange strips as two typical examples of acidophilic substances.