Instructions To Care For Your Skin As A Guy

Instructions To Care For Your Skin As A Guy

Men may feel as if they don’t need to focus as heavily on their skin as women do, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. While everyone’s needs for their skin vary greatly, that doesn’t mean men should ignore theirs altogether – you need an everyday practice in place for keeping it in good condition; even small lifestyle and diet changes could make an impressive difference to its overall condition.

Washing Your Face Properly

1 Wet Your Skin With Warm Water

Warm water will open your pores, helping the chemical cleanser foam up for an effective clean.

  • Make sure that the water temperature is right. Cold temperatures can clog pores and inhibit effective skin cleansing; while excessively hot temperatures could aggravate existing problems.
  • Apply water using your hands – using a towel may aggravate your skin due to grinding from rubbing.

2 Pick The Right Facial Cleaning Agent.

Your skin needs a gentle cleaning agent free from alcohol and any harsh synthetic compounds which could further irritate it. Use your hands instead of towels when applying this treatment to ensure maximum effect.

  • Un identification of your skin type could prove useful when choosing an effective facial cleansing agent for it.
  • Use a fluid facial cleansing agent instead of bar cleansers, as these tend to dry out the skin more than liquid ones. While this might not cause issues for those with smooth skin, those with dry skin might find the tightness or bothersome sensation from bar cleansers disturbing after washing; in such instances it would be wise to switch over to fluid cleansers for maximum effectiveness.
  • If you suffer from skin inflammation, seek out products containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or benzyl peroxide as these will provide deeper cleansing while acting as antimicrobials to eliminate bacteria that causes it.
  • Choose between brand-name cleaners such as Cetaphil, Noxzema or Neutrogena for maximum effectiveness, or go with an affordable conventional cleaning agent.

3 Shed Your Skin.

If your skin was excessively dirty or you experienced excessive perspiration recently, exfoliation is likely needed to restore radiance to it. Peeling removes dead skin cells while uncovering fresher layers. Whenever possible use an alcohol free exfoliant.

  • Although most people concentrate on peeling their faces, you can also benefit from exfoliating your elbows and knees to help ease any tension within your skin.

4 Wash With Tepid Water And Wipe Off With A Towel.

After purging, wash to allow any dirt and bacteria from your pores to come to the surface, before delicately patting your face with a towel until dry – don’t rub! Doing this will disturb your skin.