Instructions To Have A Good Skin Care Regimen In Pre Teens

Instructions To Have A Good Skin Care Regimen In Pre Teens

At 10-11 years of age is an optimal age to introduce young children to skincare and maintaining the cleanliness of their skin. Once hormonal changes begin taking place and children begin growing into adolescents, more attention must be paid to maintaining healthy skin care practices for both groups. Teenagers require a different approach from adults in order to take proper care with their bodies; typically children must choose cleaners that won’t aggravate or damage their skin such as gentler products than adults would typically use for cleaning up. So what are some key components of an effective skin care routine for teenagers that can get them started?

Your child should receive quality products to care for their skin, such as facial wash/gentle cleanser, small towel, toner, moisturizing cream (if they experience breakouts) and sunscreen; kids this age often play outside in direct sunlight and need protection. Use products with milk or water as the foundation.

1 Clean

Encourage them to use a facial wash every morning when they awaken, and at night before sleeping to feel refreshed and protect their skin from inflammation. Advise them to use water that is easily warm with foam frothing properties for best results, and remind them to pat rather than rub their towel when drying their face after each wash session.

2 Consider A Toner

To help balance oily skin, toner can be the ideal solution. Before using, instruct them to take several measures such as drying their face before applying it; wet a tissue for several drops with toner before wiping their face after application.