The Best Strategy To Smoothen Your Skin With Olive Oil

The Best Strategy To Smoothen Your Skin With Olive Oil

Numerous girls and ladies suffer from skin conditions, spending large sums on medications to treat them. Here is a straightforward and cost-effective solution that will have your complexion looking its best within five days!

1 Purchase A Natural Olive Oil.

  • Make sure that you purchase 100% natural Olive oil when cooking olives – particularly cooking olive oil which may seem strange for some women but trust me, its far superior than fake oils!
  • Try not to purchase olive oil that contains synthetic compounds or any foreign substances.

2 Apply Before You Rest By 30 Minutes Or 60 Minutes– To apply Olive oil properly all over, the best way is to put it on before sleeping for at least a half an hour before resting. Here is how it should be applied all around your body in this step by step process.

  • Start by washing and exfoliating your hands to eliminate any dirt. Next, take some olive oil in your grasp and spread it around using circular movements – you may also put it on arms and legs as desired.
  • Avoid applying too much, as your skin could become slippery and any Olive oil you apply could rub away during restful sleep.
  • Be careful to apply the olive oil gradually before going to sleep; otherwise it will not have time for absorption by your skin and will just end up getting lost in your cushion while sleeping.

3 Be Patient.

  • Keep at it for at least five or seven days and observe how your skin has improved over that period. While you will certainly see some progress during that time period, when comparing first day with fifth day results you’ll discover just how smoother it has become!


  • Purchase the cooking Olive oil as it is 100% regular.
  • Show restraint.
  • Olive oil makes your hair glossy and curly too.
  • Drink a ton of water, this helps your skin to stay healthy.