8 Different Ways To Get Smoother Skin

8 Different Ways To Get Smoother Skin

1) Exfoliate Routinely.

One key element in attaining soft skin for children is exfoliation – peeling allows your dead skin cells to shed while also dislodging dirt, microbes, grime and buildup that lingers on the outermost layer of your skin. “Peeling removes oils and dirt from the skin, aiding product entry while increasing cell turnover and spread,” states Holmes. If you’re confused about how to exfoliate your face, there are a variety of choices available: synthetic exfoliants, mechanical exfoliants or exfoliators which combine them both. Choose one based on your skin type; “if your complexion has dry and flaky areas I recommend using an exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids or chemicals”, advises Holmes.

Compound shedding might seem drastic, but it’s actually a safe solution for delicate skin or those suffering from frequent breakouts. Look for chemicals or daily medications containing glycolic or lactic corrosives; for those more prone to imperfections salicylic corrosives can work wonders by targeting skin inflammation by targeting microbes that produce micro-tears on your pores exposing healthy new layers underneath.

If you have normal skin, the decision lies with you; “it’s really up to you,” according to Holmes. For blend skin types however, combine both elements for maximum effect – mix exfoliants work great as they utilize both physical and chemical exfoliators simultaneously – while depending on your type of complexion, once every week can do wonders in terms of giving you glowing, healthy looking complexion. Without consistent exfoliation though, dull and harsh composition will set in.

2) Drink A Lot Of Water.

Healthy skin starts within. 80% of our bodies is water, and all cells depend on it to function effectively, according to Holmes. As more water you drink hydrates cells (including those of skin) more effectively and helps them get rid of toxins more easily, giving rise to radiant complexion and clear complexions. Aim for 8-10 glasses daily as water will keep your complexion balanced and looking its best!

3) Try A Nectar Facial Covering.

Nectar offers all of the advantages of peeling without the painstaking effort: just two drops on a cotton pad can do wonders for your skin! “Nectar contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and proteins that help the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, dislodging dirt and grime build-up, decreasing excessive oils production, and unclogging pores–without impacting its protective acid mantle,” according to Holmes. Get all of the benefits of nectar for your skin with this natural exfoliant: mix one tablespoon of raw nectar or Manuka nectar with two tablespoons of full fat Greek yogurt to create an effective moisturizer and apply for 15-20 minutes before wetting a washcloth with warm water and using this warm washcloth to remove.