How To Keep Small Pores Clean

How To Keep Small Pores Clean

Pores are your skin’s natural filter to dissipate oil and sweat. Although pores usually work on their own, sometimes they need extra help in order to perform at their full potential. Larger pores produce more oil which leads to breakouts and flaws; smaller ones produce less but may cause dry skin issues and need special consideration if they cause breakouts and flaws. Wear the appropriate cosmetics for your skin type to keep small pores clean, peelable and saturated in order to ensure beautiful and solid skin.

Washing Your Face Daily

  • Cleaning Your Face Daily Keep it Clean. In order to protect both yourself and your face from dirt or germs transferred through hands to skin, always ensure a proper cleanse before beginning with any facial care routine.
  • Apply a gentle facial chemical. A mild chemical can help keep your skin clean and prevent acne breakouts. Use your fingertips to carefully foam up your face for 30 seconds while gently massaging the chemical all over with small, circular motions.[4]

Choose a chemical suitable for your skin type – be it dry or oily, average or sensitive. For instance, if most of your face contains small pores, most likely using products designed specifically for normal, dry and sensitive skin (not products designed specifically for sleek skin).

  • Fill a basin or sink with cool or warm water and use either cold or warm water to rinse your face with. Boiling hot water may dry out small pores faster, so use luke warm water instead to maintain moist skin. [5]

Therefore, it is often preferable to do your cleaning separately in the sink rather than while taking a shower.

  • Cleanse yourself thoroughly using a good towel to gently pat away dampness from all over your body. Be careful not to rub as this can clog pores by driving cleanser film and dead skin cells deeper into them.
  • Maintain a balanced washing schedule to achieve optimal results. Over-washing may actually worsen skin issues by oversaturating it with soap. Aim for gentle and infrequent cleansing for optimal results.

Your skin regulates its own moisture. Over-washing or plunging too frequently can strip away its essential oils and cause your face to become parched and dehydrated.

Cleaning with a washcloth may irritate the pores by damaging their linings and pushing dead skin cells and other forms of debris into them.