Is Butter Good for You?

Is Butter Good for You?

Butter is a dairy product containing high amounts of edible fats and is typically prepared by stirring the cream from milk into an edible paste form, using an electric beater or mixer. Semi-firm butter may be produced by whipping cream into semi-hard form; usually 1:20 butter to drain ratio is standard but this varies with milk quality and fat content; these days skimmed milk products have also grown immensely popular due to its increasing application across numerous items and uses.

Butter contains approximately 1-2% milk fat, 16%-17% water, 80%-82% milk fat and about 1-2% salt added directly into it. Butter also provides calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A-E and proteins while lactones, diacetyl ketones dimethyl sulfide dimethyl ketones are added for flavor as well as unsaturated fats which create its unique tanginess. Butter without salt can also be called sweet butter.

Butter As An Amazing Cancer Prevention Agent

Carotene-rich butter provides significant nutrition to individuals. Carotene can support several parts of the body by encouraging cellular renewal and repair while protecting against various illnesses.

Nutrient A is an easily absorbable fat-dissolvable nutrient found abundantly in butter, making it easily ingestible and providing numerous health benefits for skin, eyes, mouth, throat, urinary and gastrointestinal systems as well as cell regeneration/remodelling/improved immunity by supporting lymphocyte production.